v1.1 2021-06-14

FEATURE catchall/trash top-level benthic attribute
BUG Collect App ensure field quoting for exported csvs
BUG capitalize MERMAID in dashboard
BUG dashboard library bumps
BUG API Fish species performance when fetching for `/pull` endpoint
BUG API Remove project_id requirement from projects in `/pull`
BUG API ingest 500
BUG API Projects /pull needs to include "project" property in payload
BUG API ingestion: look for opportunities to use ids/values instead of labels
BUG API Invalid regular expression 500
BUG API When pulling updates (`/pull`), and no updates exist, `last_revision_number` is null
BUG API Create model to store submitted Collect records
BUG API restore db cache or otherwise improve fishspecies performance
BUG API Add flag to bypass push conflicts
BUG API Create /pull endpoint
BUG API Create /push endpoint
BUG API Create revision models and indices
BUG API Create triggers for creating/updating/deleting records from revision tables

v1.0 2021-04-20

FEATURE API Database Syncing
FEATURE API squash migrations
BUG Collect App v1 duplicate sites resolution patch
BUG API make bleaching QC % cover minimum observations validation warning, not error
BUG API handle merging/splitting sample events from submitted sample units
BUG API ingest error feedback throttling
BUG API Django DEBUG setting should be False for prod and dev environments
BUG API bleaching ingestion troubleshooting
BUG API Refactor sql tables to use dict params instead of tuple
BUG API refactor aggregated endpoint maintenance
BUG API add all top-level benthic categories to benthic pit/lit in SU/SE aggregate endpoints
BUG Summary API API public postman collection and developer area
BUG Bottom Summary missing projectFishFamilies props causing length undefined.
BUG change dashboard functional group colors
BUG Add `limit` parameter to projecttags query

v0.25.6 2021-04-14

FEATURE API backfill growth form for ingested PIT records

v0.25.4 2021-03-30

BUG API bleaching sampleevents 500

v0.25.5 2021-03-30

BUG API Tag integrity error

v0.25.3 2021-02-19

FEATURE Collect App Fix ACA legend slider appearing outside of add site modal

v0.25.2 2021-02-09

FEATURE API improve aggregated endpoint performance
BUG Collect App References > Benthic attributes > Export to CSV not functional?

v0.25.1 2021-02-04

BUG API allow null sample_time on ingest

v0.24.2 2021-02-02

FEATURE API hotfix: sample_unit_cache clearing for reassigning transect SE

v0.25.0 2021-02-02

FEATURE upgrade to google analytics 4
FEATURE retire summary-api in aws
FEATURE API include Coral Atlas covariates in Collect field reports and api obs/transect/site endpoints
FEATURE Dash: Show information in fish box below kg/ha, “Number of families recorded” - with "read more" modal showing specific families
FEATURE API Collect App Collect - allow PIT transect length to have one decimal, e.g., 10.5m length (currently, integer only)
FEATURE Collect App Add compliance as new column to Management summary table
FEATURE Collect App 50+ fish length improvement
FEATURE immer security bump
FEATURE API Collect - relax PIT number of observations error to within 2 expected PITs
BUG Collect App Number of sites on Projects page not updating
BUG API add delete/reassignment admin functionality for management regimes similar to attributes
BUG Collect App add ACA layers widget to individual (or new) site map to match map on all sites page
BUG db connections error
BUG merge small collect/dash PRs
BUG API add LIT and habitatcomplexity ingestion schema csvs
BUG API add validation warning to SU time > 7pm and < 6am
BUG Collect App update ACA tile endpoints
BUG API Collect App make sample_time editable
BUG Collect App firefox private error

v0.24.1 2021-01-04

BUG API ORDER BY "depth" is ambiguous
BUG add tags to for better-looking search results

v0.24.0 2020-12-17

FEATURE API refactor SE/SU schema
FEATURE API aggregate endpoint refactoring
FEATURE API Summary API replace summary_api based on aggregated endpoints?
FEATURE API Summary API refactor agg endpoints, summary api based on SE/SU schema change
FEATURE refactor dashboard to use new summary site api endpoint
FEATURE API change # of users reported on dashboard to reflect number of registered users (profiles) rather than users who have entered data
FEATURE Collect App bump js lib versions for security warnings
FEATURE API Fishbelt SU view does not have "Total abundance" (which is in Collect)
FEATURE API Benthic LIT SU view does not have "Total cm" (which is in Collect)
FEATURE Summary API QA for new aggregated endpoints
FEATURE API Unknown/other trophic group is "other" in fishbelt SU and SE views, but null in observations view
FEATURE API bleaching aggregated endpoint issues
FEATURE API refactor field report and ingest based on SE/SU schema change
FEATURE Collect App frontend sample event/unit refactoring
BUG API sampleunitmethods internal server error
BUG API SE/SU bugfixes
BUG API Project endpoints giving 500 server error
BUG API add relative_depth to agg obs csv views
BUG API fix csv/ SU and SE endpoints

v0.23.4 2020-08-19

BUG API Site creation IntegrityError
BUG API Incorrect "reef slope" lookups on ingestion

v0.23.3 2020-08-11

BUG ec2 custom nginx conf parameters not working

v0.23.2 2020-08-07

BUG Collect App Bug: Profile is not changing when user is switched
BUG upgrade awscli for Collect build

v0.23.1 2020-08-06

BUG Collect App Start new project - Data sharing selection bug

v0.23.0 2020-08-05

FEATURE upgrade to latest EB platform
FEATURE API Summary API upgrade to postgres 11
FEATURE Summary API fix summary api materialized view
FEATURE Summary API only allow safe methods on summary api
FEATURE Collect App To fishbelt Collecting, add a 'Total abundance' summary check, as sum of 'Count' column
BUG fix changelog release date setting
BUG API ingestion iteration issues

v0.22.0 2020-07-22

FEATURE Collect App Show proposed new attribute immediately
FEATURE Collect App BUG - Propose new species not able to be accessed from fishbelt form
FEATURE compress db backups
FEATURE API Remove cache decorators from attributes and choices
FEATURE Collect App API reduce updates/ calls, improve frontend responsiveness
FEATURE API refactor ingestion handling of BeltTransectWidth to use name rather than val
FEATURE API Collect App new "access restrictions" Management Regime rule
FEATURE Collect App offline toggle improvements

v0.21.6 2020-07-17

BUG API Add ingest csv file schema validation check

v0.21.5 2020-07-16

BUG API PROPOSED attribute status error

v0.21.4 2020-07-16

BUG API PROPOSED attribute status error

v0.21.3 2020-07-13

BUG API Collect App id must be unique bug

v0.21.2 2020-07-03

BUG API CollectRecords validate 500

v0.21.1 2020-07-01

BUG API genus/family biomass constant averages cause errors with species with no constants yet set

v0.21.0 2020-06-25

FEATURE revisit mailchimp options
FEATURE API Make project name unique
FEATURE add card dates to changelog
FEATURE API Adjust fish maximum size warnings wrt bin size
FEATURE API Slow initial load times
FEATURE API handle incorrect ingestion schema headers

v0.20.0 2020-06-04

FEATURE integrate aggregated endpoints into R studio code, gather all materials for reporting specs
FEATURE API aggregated endpoints for LIT, habcomp, and bleaching
FEATURE Collect App Coral Atlas layers refinements
FEATURE Collect App remove reference detail page forms
BUG Collect App project offline toggle inconsistency
BUG API Add flags to ingest to bulk validate/submit
BUG API create bleaching ingestion templates/serializers/commands
BUG API Change ObsQuadratBenthicPercent percent fields to nullable
BUG clean up test accounts
BUG Collect App Rewire keyboardsave
BUG Collect App Fix Back Navigation on Reference Page
BUG API send API version in every response header
BUG Collect App Add rest of attributes to Reference pages
BUG Collect App Handle fish grouping reference links
BUG API fix/enable ordering sampleunitmethods by observers
BUG Collect App After saving site and navigating back to sites, points don't show on map
BUG sites listing still slow after editing
BUG Collect App incorporate Coral Atlas layers during site creation when online
BUG Collect App Check all tables in site and add sorting to any columns that currently don't have sorting
BUG API optimize admin transect and observation views
BUG Collect App management rules option bug
BUG Collect App augment app update directive
BUG capitalize fish functional groups on dashboard summaries (to match benthic groups which are capitalized)
BUG API make collect_record endpoint filter by logged-in user by default
BUG Collect App enter for new row from anywhere in benthic PIT

v0.19.3 2020-06-01

BUG Collect App Date input not storing date

v0.19.2 2020-05-20

BUG API add MR to SE admin list

v0.19.1 2020-05-19

BUG API fish belt observations aggregated endpoint size_bin field should be string, not number

v0.19.0 2020-05-05

FEATURE Collect App API Smarter search
FEATURE API fix aggregated endpoint timeouts (504)
BUG Collect App Refactor reference page filter counts
BUG Collect App implement "learn more" modal in data sharing
BUG API Collect App non-region attribute validations
BUG Collect App Force users to always select at least one management regime rule
BUG Collect App Method filter box - keep open until user clicks off it. Sometimes vanishing after one click, but want to keep it open.
BUG Collect App site map offline/online toggle
BUG API field report: make sure observers order is alphabetical
BUG Collect App map navigation overlay instruction
BUG Collect App Enter key is clearing date input when manually typing date
BUG Collect App export MRs offline just like sites
BUG sites page unreliable with many sites
BUG Collect App update auth0 libs/flows to latest best practices
BUG Collect App fix sort for obsolete columns

v0.18.8 2020-04-30

BUG API aggregated belt fish endpoint improvements

v0.18.7 2020-04-21

FEATURE API ensure consistent ordering and no duplicates in paginated results
FEATURE Collect App Integrate fish groupings into Collect
FEATURE API make fish grouping regions property of fish grouping, filter members when calculating biomass constants

v0.18.6 2020-04-14

FEATURE API add family to API fish species admin list
FEATURE API Others biomass coefficients
FEATURE Collect App Replace Site leaflet map directive with Mapbox GL
FEATURE API enhancements to fish belt aggregated endpoints
FEATURE API aggregated PIT endpoints

v0.18.5 2020-04-13

BUG API Export to CSV - bleaching downloading with blank rows

v0.18.4 2020-04-09

BUG MRs not appearing in "copy MRs from other projects" dialog when those MRs have no parties designated

v0.18.3 2020-03-27

FEATURE API add concatenated sample event fields, transect_width to obs and SU aggregated endpoints
BUG Collect App Bug - Caribbean benthic attribute showing up in Indo-Pacific bleaching survey
BUG API duplicate transect validation
BUG API Incorrect "transect already exists" validation error
BUG API add interval_start to benthic PIT ingestion
BUG API troubleshoot Fiji ingestion

v0.18.2 2020-03-23

BUG Collect App benthic attributes reference page not rendering

v0.18.0 2020-03-13

FEATURE API exclude sites/mrs from api querysets that are from projects with test=true
FEATURE Collect App offline toggle should remember override status
FEATURE API make benthic pit, lit, and hb transect length warning minimum 10 (currently 25)
BUG Collect App can't delete collect record until validated
BUG Collect App for total biomass > 2000, warning message says total biomass is 0.0
BUG Collect App insert/delete in middle of observations not updating display
BUG Collect App propose new species name display
BUG API Collect App AGRRA mixed bin choice
BUG Collect App Changing date and time in transects manually (i.e. typing) would be useful
BUG Collect App API dropdown for specifying first PIT interval
BUG Summary API API fish belt aggregated api endpoints
BUG Collect App handle multiple users on same device

v0.17.2 2020-02-28

BUG Collect App Observation intervals not fixed to the defined number of decimal places.
BUG API Ingest Insomnia workspace setup and workflow docs

v0.17.1 2020-02-25

BUG Fish attributes are not being displayed for submitted Fish Belt records
BUG Collect App See if toggle off "offline ready" in projects list works again after 380 merged to dev

v0.17.0 2020-05-21

FEATURE Collect App add offline toggle control
FEATURE Collect App Filter attributes by site location and region area of interest
BUG Collect App Benthic summary % on dev are 'undefined' - Caribb and Indo-Pacific
BUG Collect App API Change default fish species sort to genus
BUG Collect App API duplicate project
BUG API bump base docker image to buster
BUG API redo fabric commands
BUG Collect App Map not rendered correctly when going to Start project and clicking Next button to get to the Sites tab
BUG Create pre-test script to setup test records in dev
BUG API Export sites (all attributes)
BUG Collect App API reference fish and benthic pages: add Export button to generate csv (as we do for Sample Units)
BUG API future date api validation
BUG Collect App Support recent versions of Firefox, Opera, and Edge

v0.16.2 2020-02-17

BUG Collect App Save button state on collect record not changing from Saving back to Save
BUG API 500 error on delete benthic attribute in admin
BUG Summary API add multiple-entity queries to summary api
BUG fix server-level 413 error (request too large)
BUG Collect App add caribbean benthic and fish attributes; update 'region' for existing attributes

v0.16.1 2020-01-10

BUG API Missing projects on Projects page

v0.16.0 2020-01-10

BUG Collect App Sort column changes page limit value
BUG API Collect App add size-dependent width options to transect width choices
BUG Collect App Project name not showing when create new project
BUG Collect App exclude 4xx-level errors from cloudwatch
BUG Collect App validate dates: warn if date is in future
BUG Collect App make blue info/warning validation box contrast greater
BUG Golem tests for 1025
BUG assign test to applicable projects
BUG Summary API unfilter summary api
BUG API ingest sort list of objects bug in create_key
BUG Update Golem Docker containers to remove container conflicts
BUG Collect App zoom to site in map when going to existing site editing page
BUG Collect App add popup to sites summary page map
BUG Collect App method dropdown: all/none toggle
BUG Update Golem tests to use secure keys for passwords
BUG API reconcile legacy MR rules
BUG Collect App Filter Label Fixes
BUG Collect App don't close edit mode when clicking outside observation row
BUG Collect App API spec project-level fish family choices
BUG Collect App Project Name and Filter label fixes
BUG Collect App remove `Add attribute` button from References > Benthic attributes
BUG Collect App Move offline backup function to project level
BUG Collect App multiple sort functionality on tables (by col A then by col B)
BUG Collect App Sites/MRs table update doesn't trigger project update
BUG Collect App Improve Method dropdown filter on Collecting and Submitted pages to show user it's filtering
BUG Collect App benthic attributes' parents not always appearing at first
BUG Collect App Right Menu Link dropdown background stays active when select
BUG API unchosen duplicating site or mr not going away when modal closes
BUG sample date of survey - incorrect displayed in submitted summary tables
BUG Submit record sample date view is not set properly after select
BUG API Collect App reduce list of countries user has to choose from
BUG Collect App project list not refreshing

v0.15.2 2019-11-27

BUG Collect App infinite login loop

v0.15.1 2019-11-15

BUG API long export truncation
BUG API timeout (502) exporting all fish species (all fields) from admin

v0.15.0 2019-11-08

BUG Collect App Make size column sort (in transects tables)
BUG Collect App add MR as column to Submitted table
BUG Collect App create IntegrityError
BUG API fishgenus admin export to csv 500 error
BUG analytics not registering
BUG API draft observation schema
BUG API create API endpoints for creating collect records via csv
BUG API create commands (and tests) to run ingest for BenthicPITCSVSerializer and FishBeltCSVSerializer - maybe include wipe of previous CRs as option (bypassing signals to avoid ArchiveRecord writes)?
BUG API Ingest: Observers are being set with null, when there's no email match
BUG API Empty string Reef Slope creates an error validation with the label `.`
BUG make changelog build rebuild existing open lists, not fail if tag not found
BUG dashboard UX changes
BUG Collect App API Refactor projects to be offline first
BUG Collect App Need to handle non-existent project on update
BUG Collect App Auto renewing access_token not aways renewing
BUG API Collect App Make projects endpoint by default only show projects by profile

v0.14.3 2019-10-14

BUG API hotfix: width error on benthic PIT

v0.14.2 2019-10-10

BUG API get SECRET_KEY from env

v0.14.1 2019-10-09

BUG Collect App benthic PIT interval order error

v0.14.0 2019-10-04

FEATURE API habitat complexity export CSV - change what values are exported in flat CSV
BUG Collect App benthic LIT totals and %s not using observation length values
BUG API DataError
BUG API update LIT length warning logic
BUG API 500 ValueError on validating non-int transect number
BUG API fix observers endpoint
BUG Collect App github security patches

v0.13.3 2019-10-02

FEATURE API reconcile legacy MR rules
BUG API Export CSV > Size bin empty for 10-cm selection?

v0.13.2 2019-10-01

BUG Collect App display of >50cm with 5/10 cm bins incorrect

v0.13.1 2019-09-14

BUG API Can't delete MR referenced by records, but those records don't exist
BUG API all bleaching validations return 500 error
BUG Collect App Observation fields not showing up as editable after clicking Add Row
BUG Collect App Clicking outside of non-bleaching sample unit observations does not close edit fields for open observation
BUG API ensure project admins emailed when project tags change
BUG Collect App Update changelog during Collect builds
BUG Collect App Client validation errors don't go away when entering quickly
BUG Collect App API bleaching total genera count should disregard growth form
BUG strategy for non-developer non-web-app auth0 use
BUG Collect App Benthic LIT bug - whole number warning triggers when whole number entered
BUG Collect App Menu not collapsing when back browser back button used.
BUG Collect App API refactor autocomplete
BUG Collect App In Collect > Sites > Export site list, 'Reef exposure value' incorrectly exported. Remove this column.
BUG Collect App Benthic LIT - total cm count summary (bottom of form) is incorrect
BUG API long export truncation
BUG API Spelling mistake in automatic email that goes out to admins after project change
BUG API Admin API export has b'<>' before all outputs
BUG Collect App collect footer revisions (short term)
BUG Collect App Benthic LIT - updates to warnings and validations

v0.12.1 2019-08-17

BUG Collect App Bug - can't sign out of Collect
BUG API Management command to find DB changes since a given date
BUG Summary API replace development summary api filter with one based on 'WCS Fiji' tag
BUG API /me/ internal server error on PUT
BUG Summary API Email project admins functionality
BUG CHANGELOG presentation

v0.12.0 2019-08-15

BUG API upgrade to python 3/django 2
BUG Collect App Update 'Sites' list (with all the red points) to use satellite layer not basemap (easier to try to see habitats). Same map as on each individual site form.
BUG Summary API upgrade summary-api django/drf versions for security
BUG Collect App Collapse Reference submenu items when user uses browser back button to return home
BUG API For all Export CSVs - separate 'date' into separate day, month and year columns
BUG Summary API add bleaching to summary api

v0.11.0 2019-07-29

FEATURE Migrate from Bower to NPM/Yarn for Package Management
FEATURE API delete test project functionality
FEATURE API admin tag replace functionality
FEATURE wordpress version of user manual
FEATURE Collect App update offline user manual
FEATURE Collect App Disable modal buttons when Proposed Benthic attribute form is invalid
FEATURE Collect App Bleaching survey minor mods
FEATURE Collect App unify SU data entry/nav UI
FEATURE Collect App API bleaching duplicate highlighting

v0.10.8 2019-07-23

FEATURE Collect App Add data sharing summary columns to Collect project page
BUG Collect App bug in bleaching survey - last % cover entry disappears
BUG Collect App MR year and age values auto-filling as 0 (when should be left blank)
BUG Collect App Bleaching - some colony counts 'recently dead' not showing when entered into row
BUG Collect App "is test" project value isn't saving when creating a project

v0.10.7 2019-07-15

BUG Collect App Remove invalid unsynced local proposed fish species on table refresh
BUG dashboard devops

v0.10.6 2019-07-11

BUG Collect App new species entry