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MERMAID Workflow

How does MERMAID work?

Just like Excel, MERMAID joins you for data collection in the field with its offline capabilities. But it stands apart from Excel and other databases, like Access, because it requires virtually zero post-entry data clean up!

Users can select reef fish and benthic attributes from a standard list of species with only a few keystrokes. Predicting names means saving time on typing in species names or cleaning up typos of misspelled species names. MERMAID also allows you to calculate reef fish biomass while you type or see your total coral cover as soon as you have finished entering a transect. When you have finished collecting data, it is automatically shared with your expedition team and can be exported to standard field reports (csv/Excel) and can soon be used to create graphs, maps, and other reports.

The Mermaid Workflow

  1. Sign Up and Set Up a Project
    1. Sign up for an account
    2. Set up a project and add users
    3. Prepare for offline use
  2. Collect Data
    1. Add new sites and management regimes
    2. Enter a transect
    3. Transect types
    4. Saving a transect
  3. Validate and Submit Data
    1. Success
    2. Warnings
    3. Errors
    4. Submit data
  4. Export Data
    1. Review data
    2. Export