Who can access my data?

All data access is project-based. When you set up a project, only users you add to a project can see the data in that project. For each project’s users, you can choose one of three types of access:

  1. Read-only: user can only view, export and analyse data in the analysis tools, but cannot collect new observations
    • e.g. a project manager who is in charge of writing reports or analyses, but may or may not be collecting data in the field.
  2. Collect: user can view, export and analyse data, and collect new observations and create new sites and management regimes. Once the transect is submitted, user can no longer edit or delete observations.
    • e.g. a member of the project team that is tasked with collecting data
  3. Admin: user has full administrative privileges to add and edit sites and transect observations after they have been submitted.
    • e.g. typically one person designated as the lead of the project

For statistics, MERMAID will keep a simple count of how many users, countries and sites are contained within MERMAID’s database.