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MERMAID envisions a future where the world's most critical climate-resilient coral reefs are identified, monitored, and conserved by 2030
MERMAID helps answer:
Is conservation working? Are reefs recovering? How can conservation efforts help reefs adapt to a changing climate?

MERMAID brings information and people together to protect coral reefs


MERMAID is powered by data collected and shared by scientists around the world.


MERMAID makes data accessible to coastal communities—empowering people with the knowledge to manage resources sustainably.


MERMAID encourages collaboration and the sharing of data, fueling discoveries and rapid action for reef protection.

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Reef Stories

News 01 Jun 2024

Help Is at Hand to Rapidly Monitor Coral Reefs and Bleaching Events

Today for World Reef Day, MERMAID and partners are launching a new training video to help scientists rapidly monitor the world's Fourth Global Coral Bleaching Event

MERMAID is not only transformative for collecting and storing ecological data, but also facilitates the transdisciplinary research that is crucial for confronting the coral reef crisis.

Dr Josh Cinner
Distinguished Professor, ARC CoE, James Cook University, Australia

MERMAID works alongside tools like the Allen Coral Atlas to enable scientists to provide information on coral reefs to decision-makers in near real-time, helping us better protect reefs.

Dr Stacy Jupiter
Melanesia Regional Director, WCS

We are proud to support this effort to advance data-based marine protection and create more resilient, more sustainable ocean ecosystems.

Melissa Wright
Vibrant Oceans Initiative Lead, Bloomberg Philantropies

Coral reef monitoring in the past was a nightmare. MERMAID has literally saved us days of time – allowing us to push on more quickly to use the data to inform our work and decision-making.

Dominic Andradi-Brown, Ph.D.
Senior Marine Scientist, WWF

With MERMAID, the data are organized and cleaned, so shorter time for analyzing and faster result for decision making. Analyzing Reef Health data cannot be more enjoyable than this!

Master of Sustainable Development student, KU Leuven, Belgium

MERMAID will be a critical tool in supporting ICRI’s efforts to help governments implement and measure progress towards meeting the ambitious goals and targets of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

Francis Staub
Global Coordinator, International Coral Reef Initiative

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