MERMAID is an open-source application that collects and manages real-time data on coral reef ecosystem health.

MERMAID is an open-source application that collects and manages real-time data on coral reef health, developed in partnership between the WCS, WWF, and Sparkgeo.

Reef scientists have historically used clipboards to record their underwater findings. This process can take hours, days and sometimes months to complete. Transferring data from paper to spreadsheet. Calculating information. Editing each cell and correcting typos. One. Point. At. A. Time.

With MERMAID, scientists input their observations straight onto the platform. MERMAID does the job of tagging and sorting data, avoiding duplicates, standardizing scientific names and summarizing critical indicators.

Data in, clean data out - transforming your underwater insights into evidence-based actions that save coral reefs.

A world where information quickly and cleanly moves from the hands of scientists to communities and governments, enabling rapid action to protect coral reefs.

Features to make life easier and data more accessible

It's free

Free and ready to use. Upload your reef data, share and collaborate wherever you are.

Saves time

Share your findings with stakeholders and communities on the same day you dive. Collect, analyze and visualize your data faster than ever.

Easy to use

Dive into MERMAID with little to no learning curve, it’s designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

Flexible data-sharing

Specify how and with whom you share your observations. MERMAID gives you the tools and provides full autonomy of data and data sharing.

Accessible offline

Use MERMAID offline while you’re on a boat or remote island. Your data will be validated and uploaded when you’re back online.

Cutting-edge science

MERMAID links your surveys to online databases of accepted species standards and provides access to commonly-used metadata

Start collecting reef data

Aggregate your observations directly onto the MERMAID platform—quickly, effectively and accurately.