Open Source Stack

MERMAID is open-source wherever possible because:

  • we are committed to keeping MERMAID open source and free forever, supporting its nonprofit goals of saving coral reefs worldwide
  • we support the transparency and reproducibility of Open Science
  • open-source code and and development processes lead to better tools, encourage more user community participation, and foster the next generation of developers

MERMAID is free (as in both speech and beer) and its code is open source, and is based on a core set of open-source components, which are themselves based on open and standardized languages and platforms (Python, R, Debian, nginx, gunicorn, JavaScript, etc.). 

All MERMAID code can be inspected on GitHub, and these repositories come with developer documentation. Additionally, several link to more extensive documentation on how to use them; in particular:

We do also use standard modern but proprietary tools for deployment, version control, project management, and communication: