Meet your new guide in the MERMAID journey

Blog 16 May 2024 by ALEXANDRA KLER LAGO
Our new Field Customer Success Manager, Alexandra, will play a pivotal role not just in assisting our users to achieve their desired outcomes, but also in guiding them through their journey with MERMAID, from mastering the methodology to overcoming any potential technical or scientific challenges.

The ultimate goal is to empower our users to become self-sufficient experts in MERMAID tools.

Our field customer success manager will not only be in the field to assist our users in achieving their desired outcomes but also guide them throughout their MERMAID journey from getting the methodology right to overcoming any potential tech or scientific hurdles. The end goal is to make our MERMAID users all masters and self-sufficient. 

Through this direct engagement with our users, our manager is uniquely positioned to identify opportunities for technological enhancements and features that will genuinely assist our users in obtaining the necessary data for informed conservation decision-making.

Our manager will also value and cultivate our relationships with users and stakeholders by actively engaging with them and overseeing the successful implementation of MERMAID. The introduction of key performance indicators, such as user adoption rate and regional growth, will be crucial for our manager to guide MERMAID’s efforts effectively.

By improving our user experience, we aim to stimulate the adoption of MERMAID in key regions and broaden our global influence."

Why is this role critical for MERMAID users?

To provide personalized support and guidance by understanding our users’ needs and goals and tailoring specific plans to maximize the value of MERMAID in their coral reef monitoring efforts.

To offer innovative tech-driven solutions to complex issues, making it easier for our users to get the data they need effortlessly and in less time.

To increase the global adoption of MERMAID by creating new strategic partnerships and building long-lasting relationships with our user base and stakeholders in the field.

Join us in transforming coral reef conservation

With this role, we are making significant strides towards enhancing coral reef conservation through user-centric technologies in our comprehensive data platform.

Alexandra is here to provide support, combining her expertise in coral reef science and technology with a strong commitment to customer relationships. We are thrilled for the MERMAID community to engage with her. We encourage you to reach out to her without hesitation if you want to explore MERMAID's tools and potential to leverage your monitoring efforts.