New features in MERMAID 2.7

Blog 22 Apr 2024 by Amkieltiela
MERMAID 2.7 improves the site map experience, allows you to edit a selected site or management regime while inputting data, and offers offline pdf documentation in Bahasa Indonesia. MERMAID has also added a tooltip showing how to search for exact phrases.

Improved map experience

The improved map experience makes marker placement and navigation smoother, more consistent, and more intuitive, in both the project sites map and the individual site placement map. An inset map now also appears once you've zoomed in to help you figure out where you are in the world.

Sebuah peta inset akan muncul ketika Anda memperbesar peta.

Edit Site or Management Regime while typing in your data

MERMAID now provides a View button next to the Site and Management fields, giving you easy access to view or edit a site or management regime while entering your data.

Edit atau lihat situs atau rezim manajemen dengan menenkan tombol View disebelah kolom Site dan Management.

Download offline pdf documentation in Bahasa Indonesia

Following our newest feature on the MERMAID website, which is a Bahasa Indonesia version (more info in this reef story), this update allows you to access MERMAID documentation in Bahasa Indonesia as well as English while offline. To download the documentation, head to the “Help (PDF)” button on the bottom right toolbar on any page.

Unduh dokumentasi pdf dalam Bahasa Inggris atau Bahasa Indonesia.

Tooltip to search for exact phrase

MERMAID added a tooltip to help you search for exact phrase. This tooltip can be found in all filter bars in the MERMAID app. Click on the information icon to show the complete tip.

Tooltip dapat ditemukan di seluruh bilah pencarian di aplikasi MERMAID.