MERMAID V2: What's New!

Blog 01 May 2023 by Amkieltiela
MERMAID V2 has a new fresh design and smarter performance. Dive deeper to see what has been improved.

MERMAID Version 1 will stop working on April 5, 2023. We strongly suggest that you validate and submit all unsubmitted data in Version 1 before that date. Submitted data will be unaffected.

Try out Version 2 now!:

Version 2 of MERMAID has been totally rewritten as a modern web app that will provide a solid foundation for coral reef monitoring collection and management for years to come. Here is what to expect from the new MERMAID Version 2:

Totally redesigned for a faster, intuitive user experience

Better user experience

See who to chase for missing data

New survey method: Photo Quadrat Method

Better mobile experience

Export reference and submitted data in XLSX format

Learn more about these new features here!