Habitat complexity

This transect records observations of benthic habitat complexity on a scale of 0 to 5, based on the methodology proposed in Wilson et al. (2007) and described in Darling et al. (2017) and Gurney and Darling (2017) (Appendix 2).

To enter a habitat complexity transect, you will need to provide a transect number, depth (m), the surveyed transect length (m), and the interval between complexity observations (m). For example, assessing complexity every 5 m can be entered at ‘5 m’ in the “Interval size” box.

Entering transect and observations information.

Enter the habitat complexity score at each interval at the bottom of the page. You must have as many rows of observations as you do intervals in the transect length.

Entering observation data to the Observation Table.


Use the 'Tab' key to move across the interval and habitat complexity score columns. At the end of the row, press 'Enter'/'Return' key to create a blank row and add the next complexity observation. If the same habitat complexity is observed at the next interval, press the 'Tab' key at the end of the row to duplicate the previous row.