R Package

MERMAID has a helpful R package for accessing and importing your data.

Although Excel or similar programs work for basic analyses, many scientists use programs like R (often in the RStudio environment) for larger datasets or more sophisticated analyses. The mermaidr is an R package specifically for working with MERMAID data and enables you to access your data from MERMAID, compile datasets from multiple MERMAID projects, and ingest legacy data into MERMAID.

If you would like more information and detailed instructions on usage, you can see the package website. You can also find a helpful list of package functions here. We also prepared an example of using the mermaidr package for analysis, which is demonstrated here. More information on how to ingest legacy data into MERMAID can be found in the Ingesting legacy data using R studio page.

If you are new to the R programming language, our new R users guide is a great place to start! If you find yourself stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.