Preparing for offline use

Before heading to the field, there are a few steps that must be followed to ensure you are able to enter data offline.

Be sure to follow each step carefully prior to your expedition while connected to the internet:

  1. All project members create accounts

  2. A project admin creates the project

  3. The project admin must add all other users to the project. Optionally, copy or add sites and management regimes before going to the field.

  4. Ensure that the 'Offline Ready' button to the right of each project in the project list that you will use offline has a checked sign. If it is not checked, click the 'Offline Ready' button to make sure data is available offline. 

  5. Test offline access by clicking the 'You're ONLINE' toggle on the bottom left of all pages so that it reads 'You're OFFLINE', turning off your Wi-Fi, restarting Chrome, and entering test data into your project.

  6. Ensure that you and all other project members are logged in to MERMAID and can access the project with all the latest sites and management regimes, then toggle the 'You're ONLINE' button to 'You're OFFLINE'. Do not sign out of your MERMAID account. Now your project is ready to be used offline and it is safe to turn off your computer.

Click the 'Offline Ready' button and toggle the 'You're ONLINE' button to prepare for offline use.