The Overview page

The OVERVIEW area provides project-level views of how a project is progressing and easy ways to find out who to chase for missing data.

The 'Observers and Transects' page summarizes the number of submitted and unsubmitted transect(s) per site and method. Hover over each transect number to see detailed information including who was the last person editing the transect, who were the observer(s) collecting the transect, site name, management regime, and collecting date. You can also head to the submitted transect by clicking the 'View Submitted Sample Unit'.

The 'Management Regimes Overview' summarizes the number of submitted (not unsubmitted) sample units per management regime. Management regimes that have no submitted transects will not appear in the 'Management Regimes Overview' table. You can click on the transect number to jump to the submitted sample unit information.